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What Desk Height is Right For Me? Levanta Zoom Desks Sit Stand

What Desk Height is Right For Me?

Having the Right Height Adjustable and Sit Stand Desks, Why height difference is important!

The RIght height for your Desk what is the best height to work at  


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Determining Your Ideal Desk Height

It's crucial to determine the right desk height for your needs. The following is a simple guide to sitting and standing desk heights. Use it to establish the optimal ergonomic desk height for you, whether you prefer sitting, standing, or a mix of both.

The key principle to remember is that your elbows and forearms should rest comfortably on the table and armrests, forming roughly a right angle (90 degrees) at the elbow. The best standing and sitting desk heights for you should help you maintain this posture, making slouching less likely.

Your Height Sitting Desk Height (cm) Standing Desk Height (cm)
152.4 cm 57.2 cm 92.7 cm
154.9 cm 58.4 cm 94 cm
157.5 cm 58.4 cm 95.3 cm
160 cm 59.7 cm 96.5 cm
162.6 cm 61 cm 99.1 cm
165.1 cm 62.2 cm 100.3 cm
167.6 cm 63.5 cm 102.9 cm
170.2 cm 63.5 cm 104.1 cm
172.7 cm 64.8 cm 105.4 cm
175.3 cm 66 cm 107.9 cm
177.8 cm 67.3 cm 109.2 cm
180.3 cm 68.6 cm 110.5 cm
182.9 cm 68.6 cm 111.8 cm
185.4 cm 69.9 cm 113 cm
188 cm 71.1 cm 113 cm
190.5 cm 72.4 cm 116.8 cm
193 cm 72.4 cm 119.4 cm
195.6 cm 73.7 cm 120.6 cm

By using an ergonomic calculator, you can also find suggestions for proper monitor and chair heights, allowing you to design an even more comfortable workspace. For instance, a monitor arm can adjust your computer to eye level, enabling you to maintain a straight gaze instead of straining your neck for extended periods.


Ergonomics is often seen as the science that optimizes the design of workspaces to accommodate the human body. Proper workstation ergonomics mitigates the risk of musculoskeletal disorders like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, which can occur due to repetitive office tasks. It can also help prevent other issues like back pain and eye strain.

We are different and need different height desks for work

Good ergonomics can not only enhance your physical well-being but can also boost productivity and the quality of your work. On the other hand, sub-optimal ergonomics can hamper productivity and increase the likelihood of errors. Thus, by aligning your workspace to the right height, you're setting up an environment that promotes efficient and high-quality work.

The Importance of Desk Height

Regrettably, many workspaces suffer from inappropriately high or low desks. This can lead to uncomfortable wrist flexion or extension and arm abduction, which can be strenuous to endure throughout the workday.

Sit Stand desks height the benefits

Your desk should be at a height that allows your arms, wrists, and hands to rest in a neutral position while working. Ideally, if your arms are by your side, and your elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle, your desk should align with your elbow height. This is the ideal height for resting your hands on the keyboard.

Finding the Right Ergonomic Desk Height

The height of your desk is significant. Here's a quick guide that covers everything you need to know about ergonomic desk height, including standard heights for office and standing desks. We will then look at what kind of desks and setups might be suitable for your workspace.

What should be the height of your desk? The standard height for a computer workstation is typically 71 cm.

Desk Height is on average 71 cm to 73cm

However, this height doesn't work for everyone, especially if you're shorter or taller than average. Since 71 cm is an average height, people of different statures may struggle to find a desk that properly supports them. Therefore, it's crucial to identify the type of desk that suits you before deciding on the ideal ergonomic desk height.


Choosing Between a Sitting and Standing Desk

Before figuring out the best desk height, you first need to decide between a sitting or standing desk.

We advise getting a standing desk that can be adjusted throughout the workday as required or to accommodate different users.

A standing desk can alleviate the challenge of finding a desk of the right height. Adjustable standing desks can be modified to the correct height for you, offering more versatility than traditional desks.

For instance, a person who is 152.4 cm tall will not be comfortable at the same desk as someone who is 182.88 cm tall, even if they alternate using the desk each week. However, both individuals can comfortably share an adjustable standing desk, allowing them to switch between ideal sitting and standing positions.

At Thats My office, we've created incredibly adaptable standing desks. Our desks can be adjusted to a maximum height of 132.1 cm, accommodating individuals as tall as 203.2 cm, surpassing the industry-standard maximum height of 124.5 cm.

Variable height adjustable sit stand desks

With an adjustable standing desk, you can enjoy the health benefits of standing and sitting as you please. Breaking up long periods of sitting isn't just about your health; it's also about combating monotony. Extended periods of sitting can lead to restlessness, and a standing desk provides the flexibility to stand and move whenever needed.

What if You Don't Want a Standing Desk? There Are Alternatives! If a standing desk doesn't appeal to you, standard office and computer desks typically have a height of 71 to 76.2 cm. This might not be ideal for you, as standard height works best only for a specific range of people.

How Can an Ergonomic Chair Help You Achieve Your Perfect Height?

Moreover, an adjustable ergonomic office chair can help you reach a personalized seat height, compensating for the limitations of a fixed-height desk. This is particularly useful if you can't immediately purchase a new desk. Although the desk might not accommodate your height needs, a good chair can adjust accordingly to better align your wrists and arms for proper posture.

Office Chairs Ergonomic and Ergo back support healthy wellness sitting

Strive to find a chair with appropriate lumbar support. This ensures your body maintains a proper position during long working hours, making extended periods at your desk more bearable.

We offer several ergonomic office chair options suitable for various body shapes, sizes, and budgets. With adjustment options that let you tailor your chair to your specific needs, finding the perfect ergonomic office chair is straightforward.

When it comes to seating that moves with you (and your adjustable standing desks), we provide a range

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