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On Sale Canteen Low Table WU-BELTB Canteen Low Table WU-BELTB

Canteen Low Table WU-BELTB

£999.00 £734.00
On Sale Balwoo High Breakout Table WU-BLW-116 Balwoo High Breakout Table WU-BLW-116

Balwoo High Breakout Table WU-BLW-116

£758.00 £591.00
On Sale breakout and meeting high tall table side on breakout and meeting high tall table

Canteen High Table WU-BEHTB

£970.00 £756.00
Break Out Furniture - THATSMYOFFICE

Break Out Furniture

Break Out High Meeting & Canteen Tables for That's My Office

Introducing our exclusive range of Break Out High Meeting and Canteen Tables. At "That's My Office," we understand the importance of dynamic and versatile office spaces. Our collection is designed to bring together the aesthetics of modern breakout office furniture with the functionality of high meeting tables, ideal for both formal and casual gatherings.

Why Choose Our Break Out High Meeting Tables?

High breakout tables from that my office

Modern Aesthetics: Our tables seamlessly blend into any contemporary office setting, adding a touch of elegance. Functional Design: Perfect height for stand-up meetings or for pairing with high stools. Durable: Crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure longevity even in bustling office environments.

Features of Our Canteen Tables

Versatility: Ideal for canteen settings, casual chats, or quick team huddles. Easy Maintenance: Designed for easy cleaning, making it ideal for food and drink spaces. Space-Efficient: Compact design to make the most out of your breakout areas.

Customisable Options

Comfortable break out office furniture tables

From table finishes to sizes, choose from a variety of customization options to match the vibe of your office. With "That's My Office," make your space truly yours. Discover a fresh approach to breakout office furniture. Our Break Out High Meeting and Canteen Tables collection not only enhances the visual appeal of your workspace but also promotes a collaborative environment. Elevate your office today with "That's My Office." For further inquiries or to explore more from our range of office furniture, contact us or browse our comprehensive catalog. Ensure your office space is equipped for success with "That's My Office."