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Our range of unique Bench colour or wood effect Bench desks includes rectangular desks for the ultimate in flexibility, stylish wave desks, crescent desks, system desking, executive desking, and contemporary bench desks and bench desking systems, all in a wide range of colors. There is also a choice of panel end or metal frame end, overall dimensions, and cable management systems. Desks are complemented with a range of pedestals for sleek-looking and efficient storage. We work closely with our partners to provide a great solution for your environment.

Office bench desks are desktops that are placed together whilst sharing a frame. ... By breaking down both visual and spatial obstacles you can encourage employees to communicate with one another which in turns boosts office moral and increases productivity.

Desks can be purchased as a single unit and as most solutions are modular, extra desks can be added as you expand.

Don't forget that smaller single and double desks allow you the flexibility to create space between staff during these difficult times.

Add screens to protect staff.

At That's My Office, we understand that the workplace needs to be flexible and efficient in order to accommodate the needs of your team. That's why we offer a range of bench desks that are perfect for any workspace. Whether you have a small team or a large one, we have a bench desk configuration that will work for you.

Our bench desks come in a range of sizes, from two-person setups all the way up to ten-person configurations. This means you can choose the perfect size for your team, and adjust it as your business grows. With different configurations available, you can create a workspace that is tailored to your specific needs. For example, you can choose to have your team facing each other for easy collaboration, or you can opt for a more traditional layout.

One of the key features of our bench desks is discreet cable management. We understand that cables can be a nuisance and can make your workspace look cluttered. That's why we utilise cable trays to keep cables organised and out of sight. This not only creates a neater workspace but also reduces the risk of tripping hazards.

Our bench desks come with legs in a range of finishes, including Silver, Raw Steel, Wood, Anthracite, and Black. This allows you to choose a finish that complements your workspace and reflects your brand's aesthetic.

We also offer a range of desk tops to suit your needs. Our tops come in scallop tops, portals for cables or straight tops in white, grey, black, graphite, maple, wenge, walnut, and beech. This allows you to choose a finish that suits your office décor and reflects your company's style.

Our bench desks are cost-effective for large organisations, and are designed to promote teamwork and a healthy workspace. Some of our bench desks can be height adjustable, allowing your team to work in comfort with a mixture of static and sit-stand desks.

In summary, our bench desks are flexible, efficient, and designed to help you create the perfect workspace for your team. With discreet cable management, a range of leg finishes, and different desk top options, you can choose the perfect combination to suit your needs. Contact us at That's My Office today to learn more about how our bench desks can transform your workspace.

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Maximize Space Efficiency with an Office Desk Bench: A Smart Solution for Small Offices

In the world of modern workspaces, the need to maximize space efficiency has become paramount. As more and more companies embrace the concept of open-plan offices, small businesses and startups are often left struggling to make the most of their limited square footage. That's where the office desk bench comes in - a smart solution designed to optimize space utilization without compromising on functionality or style. With its sleek and streamlined design, the office desk bench provides a practical and efficient workstation for multiple employees, eliminating the need for individual desks and freeing up valuable floor space. But it doesn't stop there. This innovative piece of furniture also promotes collaboration and teamwork, as colleagues can easily interact and share ideas, fostering a dynamic and productive work environment. If you're looking to transform your small office into a space-efficient powerhouse, the office desk bench is the perfect choice. Discover the endless possibilities of maximizing your workspace with this smart solution today.

The challenges of space in small offices

Small offices often face the challenge of limited space. With the rising cost of real estate and the increasing demand for flexible work environments, businesses need to find innovative ways to make the most of their available space. Traditional office setups with individual desks can quickly eat up valuable square footage, leaving little room for collaboration and movement.

Introducing the office desk bench

The office desk bench is a versatile piece of furniture that offers a practical solution to the space challenge faced by small offices. Unlike traditional desks, which are designed for individual use, the office desk bench provides a shared workspace for multiple employees. It consists of a long, continuous surface with multiple workstations, allowing colleagues to sit side by side and work together.

Advantages of using an office desk bench

The office desk bench offers several advantages over traditional desk setups. Firstly, it maximizes space utilization by eliminating the need for individual desks, freeing up valuable floor space. This can be particularly beneficial for small offices with limited square footage.

Secondly, the office desk bench promotes collaboration and teamwork. With colleagues sitting side by side, it becomes effortless to interact and share ideas, fostering a dynamic and productive work environment. The close proximity encourages communication, leading to improved efficiency and creativity.

Furthermore, the office desk bench is a cost-effective solution for small businesses and startups. By providing multiple workstations in one piece of furniture, it reduces the need for purchasing individual desks, saving both money and resources.

How to choose the right office desk bench for your space

When selecting an office desk bench, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, assess the available space in your office. Measure the area where you plan to place the desk bench, taking into account any other furniture or equipment that will be in the vicinity.

Next, determine the number of workstations you require. Consider the size of your team and their individual needs. It's important to strike a balance between providing enough workspace for each employee and avoiding overcrowding.

Consider the layout and configuration options of the office desk bench. Some models offer flexibility, allowing you to customize the arrangement of workstations according to your preferences. This can be particularly useful if you anticipate changes in your team size or work requirements.

Lastly, take into account the design and aesthetics of the office desk bench. Choose a style that complements your office decor and reflects your company's brand identity. Remember, the desk bench will be a prominent feature in your workspace, so it's essential to select a design that creates a positive and inspiring atmosphere.

Design considerations for office desk benches

When it comes to the design of office desk benches, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, think about the materials used in construction. Opt for durable and high-quality materials that can withstand daily use and provide long-lasting functionality.

Consider the ergonomics of the desk bench. Look for models that offer adjustable height options, allowing employees to customize their workstations according to their individual needs. Ergonomic features such as built-in cable management systems and monitor arms can also contribute to a comfortable and organized workspace.

Additionally, consider the storage options provided by the desk bench. Some models offer built-in drawers or shelves, providing convenient storage space for office supplies and personal belongings. This can help keep the workspace organized and clutter-free.

Lastly, pay attention to the overall layout and configuration of the desk bench. Consider the placement of power outlets and connectivity options for electronic devices. Ensure that the desk bench offers sufficient space for computers, monitors, and other essential equipment.