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Small Acoustic Meeting POD Rooms

Small Acoustic Meeting POD Rooms

Optimise Your Workspace with Small Acoustic Meeting PODS for Offices

At Thats My Office, we are dedicated to providing innovative office furniture solutions that enhance productivity and foster collaboration. Introducing our Small Acoustic Meeting PODS, designed to create private, comfortable spaces for effective meetings and focused work. Now available with a 360-degree view and augmented reality options, these meeting pods are the perfect addition to any modern office.

Discover the Small Acoustic Meeting PODS

Our Small Acoustic Meeting PODS are not just meeting spaces; they’re experiences designed to facilitate clear communication and collaboration. Crafted with high-quality materials and featuring advanced acoustic properties, these pods ensure a quiet and private environment, ideal for small meetings, brainstorming sessions, or focused individual work.

Key Features:

  • Superior Acoustic Design: Engineered with advanced soundproofing materials, the pods provide an exceptional acoustic environment, minimizing external noise and ensuring privacy for confidential conversations.
  • Compact and Efficient: The pods offer a compact footprint while providing ample space for small groups, making them perfect for offices with limited space.
  • Integrated Technology: Equipped with built-in power outlets and USB ports, the pods ensure your devices stay charged and ready for use during meetings.
  • Modern Aesthetics: With sleek lines and a contemporary design, the pods add a touch of elegance to any office space. Choose from a range of finishes and upholstery options to match your office decor.

Customization and Privacy

Our Small Acoustic Meeting PODS are designed with flexibility in mind. Customize the interior with your choice of seating, tables, and technology options to create the perfect meeting environment. The pods’ acoustic properties ensure a high level of privacy, making them ideal for sensitive discussions and focused work.

Experience in 360-Degree View and Augmented Reality

To truly appreciate the design and features of our Small Acoustic Meeting PODS, we invite you to explore them through our 360-degree view and augmented reality options. With these innovative tools, you can:

360-Degree View:

Rotate and examine the pods from every angle, allowing you to see all the details and craftsmanship that make them unique.

Augmented Reality:

Use your smartphone or tablet to virtually place the pods in your own office space. Visualize how they fit within your environment and make an informed decision before purchasing.

Why Choose Small Acoustic Meeting PODS?

Our Small Acoustic Meeting PODS are more than just meeting spaces; they're versatile solutions that enhance collaboration and productivity. With their superior acoustic properties, integrated technology, and customizable options, they’re perfect for creating private and comfortable meeting environments. Whether you’re looking to improve team collaboration or need a quiet space for individual work, our Small Acoustic Meeting PODS are the ideal choice.


At Thats My Office, we’re committed to bringing you the best in office furniture with innovative features and high-quality materials. Our Small Acoustic Meeting PODS exemplify our dedication to excellence, offering a perfect blend of privacy, functionality, and modern design. Explore the pods today with our 360-degree view and augmented reality tools, and transform your workspace into a hub of productivity and collaboration.

Visit our website to learn more and experience the future of office comfort with Thats My Office.


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