Thats My office cluster Bench Desk for 2,4 6 or 8 people. Space saving and choice of desk colours from Thats My Office

Cluster Desks POD

Call Centre Office Desks With Pedestals Collection by That's My Office: The Ultimate Solution for Modern Workspaces


Cluster Call cenetre desks in 9 colour and 5 leg choices

Elevate your call center's performance with our specially crafted collection of desks. Supplied by That's My Office, these desks are designed to meet the demands of contemporary call center environments.

Key Features of Our Call Center Desks

Our Call Centre Desks With Pedestals offer a wide array of features tailored to the needs of today's bustling call center operations.

Multiple Configurations for Diverse Team Sizes

Whether you have a team of 3 or a team of 8, we have configurations that are designed to fit the unique structure of your call center.

Screen Options for a Focused Work Environment

Available with or without screens, our call center desks can be customized to provide the privacy and focus your team needs.

Optimise Your Space With Our Cluster Desks

Our cluster desks are specifically engineered to make the most of your available floor area. These pod-like configurations centralize your sales or customer service teams, allowing for streamlined communication and higher efficiency.

Aesthetic and Functional Customization Options

Choose from a selection of 8 premium wood finishes to match your office decor. With an added variety of screen fabrics, our cluster desks offer a level of aesthetic customization that is unmatched in the industry.

Why Choose Our Call Centre Desks With Pedestals?

In today's competitive business environment, the right furniture can make all the difference. Our Call Centre Desks With Pedestals Collection goes beyond just being furniture; it becomes a critical part of your call center's operational success.

Maximize efficiency, optimize space, and elevate your call center's productivity with our cutting-edge desks. Choose the Call Centre Desks With Pedestals Collection by That's My Office for a transformative workspace experience.

Desk PODS three seating side on Switch 120°

Thats My office are delighted to offer a range of desk pods 

The switch is a highly flexible desking range with the ability to make complex single-structure configurations of any length. Five sub-systems comprising various shapes interact together to give you the most versatile desking system we have ever designed.
The switch has been laboratory test certified by Satra and has passed the following tests: BS EN 527-1:2011 – Ergonomics BS EN 527-2:2002 – Mechanical Safety BS EN 527-3:2003 – Strength and Stability.
Oh and it comes with a 20-year guarantee. 

 Thats My office Furniture Desk Buying Guide

Don’t forget to take the time to consider exactly what you or your business needs as rushing into this may mean you underestimate the needs of your home or office and it could be that you waste money and purchase items that are either not fit for purpose or are completely unnecessary. This office furniture buying guide aims to help you consider every aspect of your office and understand exactly what you need your furniture to do.

So please take some time to read through our details before you make your investment decisions.

In summary, the three key basic furniture items that every business requires are:

  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Storage

Purchasing decisions are made by either an employer or an individual and both need to consider the needs of the workplace if you are an employer, you have a responsibility to your staff to furnish the workplace in a certain way. While it might seem beneficial to purchase the budget items, particularly if you have a large office to fill, in the long run, it could end up costing you more due to use and replacement requirements. While your employees will almost certainly appreciate the extra money spent on their work environment, the real benefit to them comes from a comfortable seating area that reduces the aches and pains that can occur after sitting in the same position for a long period. Wellness in the office is currently focussed on the level of comfort and ambience in an office, colour choices and the right equipment for different people is important and most large offices can write down the cost of furniture of a period. An individual start-up and worker requires similar solutions to larger offices and at ebonium, we have solutions for all workplaces.

As part of any health and safety assessment, the ergonomic capabilities of an office should be verified. If employees are made to sit in unsuitable chairs, they can end up with backaches, headaches, spinal compression or ligament strain, not to mention that they will feel uncomfortable, which will reduce their motivation and productivity. Not only could this cause them to take more sick days, it is often good practice to purchase practical, reliable furniture from the beginning, and it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune – it just has to meet a certain number of requirements. Furniture is one of the most important things to consider when setting up an office, and this guide aims to make the decision-making process methodical, informed and easy.

Forward Planning

The first questions are to think about why you need furniture:

  • Is it replacement furniture for existing items?
  • Expansion
  • Contraction
  • Refurbishing during an office relocation?
  • Setting up at home or remote working

This means you need to assess exactly what you will need.

  • How many people will you have working?
  • How many of them will need a private working area?
  • How many can share or hot desk?
  • How much space is required for storage?
    • Laptop or Desktop PC
    • Monitors
    • Monitor arms and laptop stands
    • Charging points
    • Filing
    • Personal storage
    • Power requirements and cable management
    • Does staff require Height Adjustable desks for the disabled, and wheelchair access, different size people have different needs and one size fits all is not true.
    • Draw a rough plan and take some measurements so that you can then review the requirements when sourcing solutions.

Remember if the business is replacing furniture rather than starting from scratch, it is worth assessing the items you have:

  • PC’s have been replaced with laptops and Mobile devices so deep corner desks may be redundant
  • Check what is good and works well for the current office and what your staff like/dislikes about the current solution
  • What would make work more productive and
  • What they think they need to better do their job.
  • Some solutions may be obsolete such as fax stands, obsolete power points without charging USB solutions
  • Review the different requirements of your staff as we all come in different shapes and sizes so different chairs and desk heights may be optimum
  •  The work environment is changing with fewer meeting rooms and more break-put areas these offer casual discussion areas and can lead to better productivity and communication in offices
  • Think about the future, more staff work from satellite and home offices, what space is required and how can this be optimised?
  • Most offices we refurbish have vast amounts of historical filing and it is worth carrying out an audit of paperwork and reviewing personal storage and flexible working environments.
Desk Sizes from Thats My office