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Office furniture recycling and environmental disposla

Office Furniture Recycling

Office Furniture Clearance Solutions by That's My Office


Moving Office, Taken Over a Business and looking to correctly and ethically dispose of Office furniture!

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At That's My Office, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier office furniture clearance services to create a solution for Business re-investing in New furniture or relocating to different premises. We have partnered with ROS for businesses large and small throughout the UK. Our mission? To assist your company in lessening its environmental footprint, saving costs, and boosting your corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. With a wealth of experience under our belt and a continuously expanding clientele, we're dedicated to a client-first, zero-waste philosophy, aiming to minimise the environmental repercussions of office clearances and relocations while securing substantial savings for our clients.

Office Furniture Recycling and disposal

Streamlining Office Clearances

We're well aware of the challenges that come with moving, shutting down, or renovating offices. Time and resources are often scarce, and tackling these tasks solo can seem daunting. That's where we step in, to alleviate this burden. Our approachable, highly skilled team is on hand to efficiently manage your office furniture clearance or relocation needs, ensuring the process is smooth, on budget, and with the least disruption possible.

Our Office Clearance Approach

Our method for office clearances is simple and transparent from start to finish. We begin with a detailed survey of each project to identify the most efficient and cost-effective clearance or relocation strategy. Equipped with an extensive fleet, we're ready to tackle any project, regardless of size, across the UK.

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Cost Savings & Environmental Advantages for Office Clerance

Annually, businesses dispose of millions of tonnes of surplus office furniture and equipment, much of which ends up in landfills, adversely affecting our planet. Our clearance services aim to combat this by offering significant environmental advantages:

  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Minimised landfill waste
  • Lower consumption of natural resources and energy needed for new furniture production
  • Decrease in solid waste stream volumes
  • Overall reduction in carbon footprint

We achieve these benefits through a cost-effective and straightforward process, underscoring our commitment to both the environment and your wallet.

Ethical Clearance Practices, it's about thier futureIts their future

At That's My Office, ethical conduct in office clearances is paramount—for our team, our clients, our suppliers, and the broader community. We're committed to  to support the development of disadvantaged communities in West Africa. By choosing us, you're not just minimiseing environmental impact; you're also contributing to meaningful community development.

 We will assess your furniture for recycling

Choose That's My Office: Good for You, the Community, and the Environment


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