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what height of desk is correcvt for working and what energy do I burn

Do I really burn Calories whilst working

Thats My Office’s Height-Adjustable Desks: Do I burn Calories whilst working

There is a growing understanding in society about the importance of furniture that evolves alongside our needs. This is especially true for workspaces where we spend a significant portion of our day. It’s imperative for our desks to not only meet our work requirements but also prioritise our well-being. Thats My Office has a unique solution to this challenge with their Height-Adjustable Desks - desks that aren't just pieces of furniture, but lifetime companions.

What Height Is right for my Desk


Standing Desk Height Calculator Calories Counter




Our Desk Height Calculator



Standing desk height calculator - how to use

To use our tool, you only need to input three values. We'll show you how the standing desk height calculator works with a simple example:

  1. Choose your height from the drop-down list. Let's say you're 5 ft 9 in - that's the average height for an adult man.

  2. Type in your weight - that piece of information is needed to calculate calories burned at the standing desk. In our example our subject weights 175 lbs.

  3. Enter how many hours you use your standing desk for. Let's assume it's 3 hours.

  4. And that's it! The standing desk height calculator now displays:

    • Calories burned:
      • while standing - 500 kcal
      • how many more calories you burned than if you were sitting for the same time - 125 kcal
    • Clues on how to set up your ergonomic workstation:
      • Table height range: 41.5 - 45 in
      • Monitor height: 64.5 - 65.5 in

Towards ergonomic workstation - tips on how to adjust your stand up desk

Our standing desk height calculator will give you some hints regarding the ranges you should look for, but remember that what you find comfortable is the best guide. The rule of thumb is that the table should be set up at or slightly below elbow height. Follow this step by step configuration guide to adjust your workstation into an ergonomic position:

adjusting stand up desk
  1. Stand next to your table. Stand straight up, and let your arms hang naturally down the sides of your body.
  2. Put your hands on the keyboard, if you're going to use it often. Make sure they are in a natural position - the one you usually adopt when typing.
  3. Adjust your desk height to your elbow height. That means your forearms should be parallel to the floor, and there should be ~right angle at your elbow (forearm to upper arm angle).
  4. Put the table a bit lower and check which position is more comfortable for you. If you use a keyboard a lot, then probably the work surface below elbow height will suits you more.
  5. Set up a monitor height. Close your eyes, and while opening and looking straight, you should see the top part of the screen. Also, the monitor should be tilted by 10-20°.

But what can happen if you leave this elbow angle safe range (90-100°)?

  1. If your elbow angle is acute (less than 90°), you may encounter:
  • possible pain in your wrists or forearms, as they will dig into the desk
  • excessive tension in your shoulder muscles
  1. If your table is way too low, then:
  • your shoulder muscles are overloaded, as there's no support for your arms
  • you will probably slouch, which may lead to back problems.

Sit or stand desk? Benefits of standing desk

Changing your position during work is a really important thing. Our increasingly sedentary lifestyle leads to many health problems, like obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, and an increased risk of diabetes, stroke, and certain types of cancer (e.g., breast cancer). We could list more and more of the drawbacks of inactivity, but let's focus on the positive effects instead. So what are the benefits of standing desks? Simply speaking, stand up desks may:

  • decrease the risk of the health problems listed above ❤️
  • raise your productivity 📈
  • improve mood and your energy levels 😊
  • and even help you live longer! 🍾

Just remember that standing desks should complement standard office desks, not replace them.

If you want to check how your body is holding up against these health risk, our cardiovascular risk calculator, Diabetes Risk Calculator, and breast cancer risk calculator can help put some worries to bed.

The Height-Adjustable Desk: One Desk, Many Lives

Adaptable, ergonomic, and reliable, these are the defining qualities of the Height-Adjustable Desks from Thats My Office. Their adjustable nature makes them incredibly versatile, capable of seamlessly fitting into the lives of users at different stages - children, students, teenagers, adults, and elderly individuals.

A Learning Companion for Children and Students

Height Adjustable desk for children

For children and students, the Height-Adjustable Desk acts as an enduring partner. As they grow, their workspace evolves with them. The adjustable height ensures the desk remains ergonomically sound, reducing the strain on their developing bodies. It provides an ideal space for everything, from doodling and crafting to serious studying.

A Reliable Ally for Teenagers

Student and school sit stand desk

As teenagers delve deeper into their academic and personal pursuits, they need a workspace that can keep up. Thats My Office's Height-Adjustable Desks offer the perfect solution. The desks' adaptability caters to their changing needs, whether it's for late-night study sessions, creative endeavors, or even a gaming arena.

Optimising Productivity for Adults

Sit stand desks for work

For adults, whether working from home or office, the Height-Adjustable Desk becomes a beacon of productivity and comfort. The flexibility to transition between sitting and standing positions helps maintain energy levels, minimizes discomfort, and boosts productivity. The desks' sleek, professional design also blends effortlessly into any office decor.

Promoting Well-being for the Elderly

As we grow older, comfort and ease-of-use become pivotal in choosing furniture. Thats My Office’s Height-Adjustable Desks offer the perfect solution for the elderly, making it easier for them to engage in their favorite hobbies, manage paperwork, or connect digitally with their loved ones. The simple adjustment mechanism and ergonomic design make the desks user-friendly and supportive of their health and well-being.

Height-Adjustable Desks: More Than Just Desks

Hobby | Crafting | Sit Stand Desks

Beyond their practicality, Thats My Office’s Height-Adjustable Desks represent a philosophy that furniture should be designed to grow with us. They promote a healthy lifestyle, encouraging movement and adaptability, from early childhood to the golden years. They help foster good posture habits in children and students, encourage active work methods among adults, and support the comfort and convenience of elderly individuals.

In conclusion, Thats My Office's Height-Adjustable Desks are more than just desks. They are faithful companions, accompanying users through different stages of life, adapting to evolving needs, and making everyday activities a more comfortable, healthy, and enjoyable experience. Invest in a Height-Adjustable Desk and experience the joy of owning a desk for life!

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