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Our range of Tangent products made for you, relay, qore and cosine desks, view our ranges from thats My office

Tangent Furniture

Established in 2018, Tangent Furniture Services Ltd provides market-leading products and services for corporate, retail, industrial, and home workplace


TFS can call upon more than 30 years of experience within the global contract furniture market and supplies products from Tangent and other leading UK and European manufacturers.

A full array of support services are also available from space planning, to project management and installation.

The 2023 Product Range Overview is available on demand, but please make contact below with details of your inquiry and we will be delighted to assist with any specific project or bespoke requirements.

That's My Office supplies a full range of Tangent Desking, storage, and office products.


The range of Tangent Furniture products includes:

  • Cosine Height Adjustable Desks provides an unusual cost-saving option where the workstations can be specified with static, nonadjustable worksurfaces at different heights. This is perfect where one workstation can be set up for standard seated working at 740mm with an adjacent worksurface being set up for working whilst standing up at a height of 1050mm.

    This may work well in team bench desk arrangements where the high workstations can be shared, or for stand-up collaborative working and meetings.

    An impressive feature of Cosine is that it allows electric or crank adjustment mechanisms to be retrofitted, so at a later date if required, fixed height workstations can be turned into height-adjustable workstations. This avoids the risk of the desks becoming obsolete.

Cosine Tangent Furniture Desk Height Adjustable Sit Stand


Cosine Sit stand tangent furniture desk

  • Relay Bench Desking in 1,2,4,6,8 and 10 desk sets 
    Tangent’s Relay desks are part of the Relay desking range. Relay tables are perfect for collaborative working with recessed legs and rounded top corners eliminating boundaries and maximizing seating space. The Tangent Relay solution is a modern, sophisticated yet functional table solution for any office interior. Ideal for meetings,
    Optional tabletop power and data units and vertical cable management are available.

    Tangent Furniture Relay Grey Bench Desk

Tangent relay bench desk white 4 person

Tangent Relay bench desk cut away view thats my office


  • Qore Range of desks

Our range of desks is continually being updated and with a wide range of seating, task and operator chairs, board room tables, and wooden storage solutions the range of tangent products is designed for your needs.

With further options for

  • Tangent Seating
  • Tangent Lodge storage and lockers
  • Tangent Meeting Tables
  • Tangent High Tables
  • Tangent Pedestals for desk storage 

Tangent Meeting Table

Tangent Meeting Table
Tangent Relay Meeting Table
Tangent Relay Meeting Table wooden legs
Tangent High break Out Table
Tangent High Table meeting break out table
Tangent Cosine Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk
Tangent Sit stand height adjustable deks
Tangent Qore Desk
Tangent Qore Desk
Tangent 8 Person Relay Bench Desk
Tangent Relay 8 Person Bench Desk set
Tangent Relay 6 Person bench Desk
Tangent Relay 6 Person bench Desk
Tangent Relay 4 Person Bench Desk
Tangent relay 4 person bench desk
Tangent Relay 2 Person Bench Desk
Tangent Relay 2 person bench desk