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Winner of South England Ecommerce consultancy

E-Commerce Award

ebonium has been awarded first place in the South of England prestige awards for e-commerce consultancy for Thats My Office

thats my office won an innovation award for our office furniture

Innovation Award

Thats My Office, a leading office furniture retailer won for their innovation in the industry from Corporate Live Wire.

Office furniture store of the year

Online Service

Furniture retailer award for service 23/24 from Luxury life in the South East

Environmentally aware and working with partners who care

Environmentally Aware

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we collaborate with companies that prioritise the use of recycled/sustainable materials.

Dynamic Air Sit Stand Desks

Dynamic Office Furniture introduces the Air Height Adjustable Desks,

a game-changer in ergonomic workplace solutions. Designed for the dynamic professional, these desks are not just furniture—they are a cornerstone for a healthier, more productive workspace.

Why Air Height Adjustable Desks?

  1. Ergonomic Excellence: Tailored to combat the sedentary lifestyle of office work, the Air Height Adjustable Desks allow users to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing positions. This flexibility reduces back pain, improves posture, and increases blood circulation, leading to enhanced well-being and productivity.

  2. State-of-the-Art Design: Sleek, modern, and minimalistic, these desks are a perfect fit for any office aesthetic. With a focus on clean lines and functionality, the Air Height Adjustable Desks elevate the overall look of your workspace.

  3. Unmatched Customization: Choose from a variety of sizes, finishes, and features to match your specific office needs. Whether it’s for a compact home office or a large corporate space, these desks are designed to blend into your unique work setting seamlessly.

  4. Robust Build Quality: Crafted with durability in mind, these desks are built to withstand the demands of daily use. The reliable, sturdy design ensures that your investment lasts, offering excellent value for money.

  5. Easy and Intuitive Operation: Adjusting the height of your desk is as simple as pressing a button. The smooth, motorized mechanism offers a range of heights, making it accessible to all users and suitable for a variety of tasks.

  6. Supports a Healthy Work Environment: By promoting movement and flexibility, these desks contribute to a more active, health-conscious work culture, boosting morale and reducing the number of health-related absences.

  7. Efficient Use of Space: The smart design maximizes office space, providing ample room for all your essential items without cluttering your work area.

Thats My Office

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Why You Should Buy Office Furniture from "That's My Office"In the digital age, where convenience is the name of the game, "That's My Office" is revolutionising the way we buy office furniture. Here’s why you should jump on this bandwagon:1. Experience with 360-Degree View: Not sure how a desk, chair, or bookshelf would look from every angle? Worry no more! "That's My Office" provides a 360-degree view of every piece of furniture. This immersive experience ensures you get a comprehensive understanding of what you're purchasing, eliminating any surprises upon delivery.2. Augmented Reality (AR) - Try Before You Buy: Why rely on imagination when you can virtually place the furniture in your office space? Thanks to AR, you can now preview how different pieces fit into your workspace. Does that ergonomic chair complement your desk? Does that lamp fit into your room’s aesthetic? Simply point, click, and visualize.3. Customisation is King: Not every office space is the same, nor are the tastes of every individual. Recognizing this, "That's My Office" offers customization options for its products. Whether it's the color, size, or material, you have the freedom to tailor your furniture to your exact needs and preferences.4. Save Time and Energy: Say goodbye to hopping from one furniture store to another. No more battling traffic, searching endlessly for parking, or walking through endless aisles. With "That's My Office", everything you need is at your fingertips. Browse, select, customize, and order—all from the comfort of your home or office.5. Competitive Pricing: One might think that such advanced features come with a hefty price tag. Think again! "That's My Office" offers highly competitive prices, ensuring you don’t burn a hole in your pocket while equipping your office with premium quality furniture.In Conclusion: The way we work and the spaces we work in are evolving. It’s only fitting that the way we choose our office furniture evolves too. Embrace the future with "That's My Office". Experience convenience, customization, and confidence like never before. Your perfect office space is just a click away!
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