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View Products in 360° View

At Thats My Office viewing products in 360° online is straight forward

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We have invested significantly as the online trends in e-commerce is growing in popularity for office furniture because it allows consumers to get a more detailed and realistic view of the product, which can help them make a more informed purchase decision.

A Full 360-degree view allows customers to see the item from every angle, which can be especially useful for large and complex items such as cupboards, storage and filing products.

360 degree view of storage and filing cabinets Thats My Office

This with full visibility of all aspects of office chairs allows customers to view the base controls and al sides of chairs. This allied with teh full immersive 360° view allows customers to see all the colour options and then view in their own space with the augmented reality feature.

Chairs for home or office working from thats my office operator, task mesh

Height adjustable and bench desks are configurable and can be viewed from every angle in 360 degree views.

Height Adjustable Desks with immersive 360 degree view Thats MY Office

Our workplace and office furniture is unique in that the 360-degree can help to  increase customer satisfaction levels by giving them a better understanding of the item before they buy it.

The increasing trend of people working from home, which has led to a greater demand for home office furniture, and thus a 360 degree view is a great tool to better evaluate and decide on an office furniture purchase.

You know it makes sense try it at 

Thats My office the best and only UK office furniture with full 360 view and augmented reality

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