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Unleash a Cacophony of Possibilities with Our New Colorful Storage

Unleash a Cacophony of Possibilities with Our New Colorful Storage

You Want To Motivate Your Workspace and Shout about Your Brand

tambour office furniture in colourful solutions storage

Imagine entering your office every day, greeted not by the mundane, grey, lifeless storage units, but by a vibrant, colorful array of images, logos, or breathtaking visuals that not only delight the eye but also superbly streamline your workspace! Welcome to the realm where organization meets creativity - brought to you exclusively by "That’s My Office"!

🎨 Colorful, Personalized and So Uniquely You!

add your image or logo to our cabinets

Our all-new range of storage sliding door cabinets - or tambours - is here to sprinkle a dash of fun and a wave of vitality to your workspace! And it's not just about colors; it’s about making your storage units a canvas for your creativity, brand expression, or simply a lovely visual that brings you joy.

Whether it’s your brand logo, a customer’s image, or a pick from our carefully curated range of designs, your storage units will never be the same. Imagine the richness of visuals, tailored to your style, embellishing every nook and corner of your workspace!

🌏 Mother Nature Approved Environmental Credentials

90% recycled products to help the environment

Manufactured with love and deep respect for our planet, our cabinets don’t just speak your style but also echo your care for the environment. With 60% recycled content in our white cabinets and a whopping 90% in our black cabinets, your choice with us is a step towards a sustainable future. Your brand aesthetics will now walk hand in hand with eco-consciousness, providing a silent, yet powerful message to every client or customer who walks through your doors.

🗄️ Choose Your Size

tall storage cabinets tamb our office furniture low storage cabinets sliding door office furniture

We know that every office space is unique, and so are its storage needs. That's why our tambours are available in two distinct sizes:

  • The Compact: A 1m high cabinet for spaces that need smart storage solutions without eating into the available area.
  • The Spacious: A towering 2m high cabinet for those who need that extra room to store all their essentials.

No more compromise on space or design!

👥 ItsYour Brand Showcase It

your image on our office furniture storage

These personalised cabinets are not merely storage spaces; they are branding tools. Imagine your logo, mission statement, or brand imagery elegantly displayed on these vibrant sliding doors! Clients, customers, and employees will be enveloped by a physical manifestation of your brand’s essence every day, harmonizing the space with what your business stands for.

🚪 Sliding Doors (tambours) for That Smooth Aesthetic

Say goodbye to the clunky opening and closing of traditional cabinets and hello to smooth, space-saving sliding doors. Especially beneficial for tight spaces, our tambours grant you access to your essentials with a gentle slide, maintaining the fluidity and ease in your busy workday.

🔧 Hassle-Free Maintenance

Built with high-quality materials and a design that’s as functional as it is beautiful, maintenance of these pieces is refreshingly simple. A gentle wipe is all it takes to keep your personalized visuals vibrant and welcoming!

🏢 Perfect for Every Space

add your image or logo to our cabinet

Whether you’re a startup, a well-established firm, or anything in between, our customisable, vibrant storage sliding door cabinets are designed to blend seamlessly into any office environment, enhancing its aesthetic and functionality.

🔒 Secure Your Belongings

Beyond aesthetics and eco-friendliness, our cabinets offer robust security for your stored items. Crafted with a focus on safeguarding your belongings, you can work stress-free, knowing that your documents and essentials are securely housed.

locking storage cabinets office furniture


With "That’s My Office", embark on a journey where your storage solutions are no longer mere utility but a vibrant, expressive, and environmentally responsible part of your workspace. Our new range of colorful storage sliding door cabinets are not just products; they are a symbiotic blend of your expressive creativity and our unyielding commitment to quality and sustainability.

Be a part of this colorful revolution and let your workspace tell your story, your way. Explore our new range and transform your office into a dynamic, uplifting environment where every day is vividly inspiring!

🔗 Explore Our Range & Customize Your Cabinet Now!

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