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Sustainable, Inspirational Storage with "That's My Office" Tambour Cupboards

Sustainable, Inspirational Storage with "That's My Office" Tambour Cupboards

Find a new era of sustainable and motivational office/education/home storage solutions

We are delighted to introduce our innovative range of tambour cupboards, conscientiously crafted from recycled materials and designed with the environment in mind. Standing at a practical height of 1 meter, these cupboards provide the optimal storage solution for classrooms and offices alike, ensuring your belongings are easily accessible thanks to the sliding doors, and neatly organized with the inclusion of 2 spacious shelves.

Inspired colourfull office space from Thats My My Office

Our Black Tambours are made form 90% recycled material and our white ones are 60% recycled

However, our tambour cupboards offer more than just practicality and eco-friendly credentials. They stand out uniquely with our motivational and education-themed imagery adorning them. Envision quotes on achievement, alongside visuals of eminent colleagues or inspiring leaders of the world, creating an impactful impression and fostering an inspirational latmosphere. These compelling images are curated to stimulate and engage students, positioning these cupboards as the perfect addition to any setting.

Beyond their environmental advantages and striking designs,

Create your office style with thats my office

these tambour cupboards boast functionality and durability. Constructed with robustness and utilizing high-quality materials, they assure longevity, offering you a worry-free usage for years without succumbing to wear and tear.

Should you seek a chic, sustainable storage solution for your workplace institution or office, look no further than the innovative range of tambour cupboards by "That's My Office". Secure yours now and witness the transformative impact they can imprint on your educational space!

In essence, these cupboards are more than a mere storage solution

Create the executive office look anywhere

they are a vehicle to positively influence the environment and ignite inspiration in the forthcoming generation of learners. Don’t delay – order your tambour cupboard now and be a part of the journey towards a greener and more stimulating future!

Discover Personalised Learning Experiences with "That's My Office" School Furniture

Creating a functional and cozy space in classrooms is paramount for both students and educators, given the considerable time spent there. Integral to this space is the furniture, including desks, chairs, and storage units. "That's My Office" ensures your school furniture not only addresses these needs but also adds a personal touch, helping students to perceive their workspace as distinctly their own.

Personalise Office Workplaces  with Custom Images

create your unique office space

A defining feature of "That's My Office" tambour furniture is the capability to personalizs desk and storage unit surfaces with images that resonate with the user - be it a beloved sports team, serene nature scenes, or personal photos. This personalization breeds a sense of ownership and pride in their workspace.

This not only infuses personality into the classroom but also fosters a positive and efficient learning environment. Studies indicate that students flourish in visually appealing environments tailored to their individual preferences and needs. With the flexibility to update images as students mature and their interests evolve, "That's My Office" furniture will perpetually support their learning trajectory.

Durability Meets Practical Office Furniture Design

The custom images are complemented by the innate durable and functional design of "That's My Office" school furniture. NHS storage  Constructed from premium materials, they are engineered to endure the daily rigors of a classroom setting. The desks provide plentiful workspace and storage, ensuring students have immediate access to all their necessities. With a variety of sizes and configurations available, finding the ideal fit for your classroom becomes effortless.

Championing Workplace Success

At "That's My Office", we are firm believers in the significant role that a personalised and comfortable learning environment plays in everyday success. Therefore, we take pride in providing  furniture that satisfies the pragmatic requirements of the classroom while enabling students to express their uniqueness and take ownership of their workspace. Whether you're initiating a new setup or updating your current furniture, "That's My Office" stands out as the quintessential choice for a lively and productive learning environment.

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