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Now Thats different, our new unique height adjustable handset with timer and a range of useful tools to keep you working

Our New Height Adjustable Handset

Revolutionising Workspaces with Thats My Office's New Height-Adjustable Handset

This Handset is compatiable with Leap, Zoom and RoundE Sit-Stand Desks. 

In the world of office furniture, innovation has become the cornerstone that continuously redefines how we approach our work environment. Comfort and flexibility are now as crucial as the functionality of our office paraphernalia. Acknowledging this trend and taking it to the next level, Thats My Office has recently introduced an exceptional product that sets a new standard for office desks –  a new rotating Height-Adjustable Handset.

The Height-Adjustable Handset: Transforming the Office Desk Experience

This new handset from Thats My Office is a product of innovative technology designed to provide users with ultimate convenience, comfort, and health benefits. Designed for modern workspaces, the Height-Adjustable Handset is more than just a tool; it's a game-changer in the realm of office furniture.

A Touchable and Rotatable Wonder

Height Adjustable controller

This height-adjustable handset is ingeniously designed with touch-sensitive controls, making it a breeze to operate. But the real magic lies in its rotatability. This unique feature allows the user to adjust the desk's height from any angle, enhancing the ergonomic experience and offering unparalleled ease of use. The handset's versatility lets it effortlessly blend with any workspace design while offering top-notch functionality.

The Display That Cares for Your Health & connects to your Phone

Connect to your phone height adjustable control

The Height-Adjustable Handset goes beyond just adjusting desk height; it cares for your health, too. Built with a smart display that shows a sedentary reminder, it encourages you to take those much-needed breaks from sitting. This feature works hand-in-hand with the handset's adjustable functionality, reminding users to switch to standing work mode periodically, fostering a healthier work habit.

The Precision of Upper and Lower Limits

Precision movement sit stand desk

No more guesswork on the suitable height levels. The Height-Adjustable Handset comes with an automatic upper and lower limit setting. These settings can be customized according to the user's preference, thereby ensuring the optimum desk height each time, whether sitting or standing.

Automatic Locking: Safety First

One of the standout features of this handset is its automatic locking system. This safety attribute ensures that unexpected adjustments don't occur, protecting your workspace essentials and preventing any possible mishaps.

Effortless Control and Memory Positions

The handset’s control mechanism is as simple as it gets – just an UP and DOWN operation. However, simplicity doesn't mean a compromise on functionality. The handset features three memory positions. You can save your preferred height settings, allowing for swift transitions between sitting and standing positions without having to manually readjust each time.

Rotating handset

Thats My Office's new Height-Adjustable Handset is a perfect blend of intuitive design and cutting-edge technology. It's not just a device but an ally in creating a workspace that encourages productivity, comfort, and wellness. As work habits continue to evolve, this innovative handset stands as a testament to Thats My Office's commitment to stay ahead of the curve, redefining the boundaries of what office furniture can achieve.

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