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Office Booths in 360° View - We design and install

Office Booths in 360° View

Revolutionising the Way We View Office Spaces with That's My Office

Over the years, the business world has witnessed a plethora of technological advancements that have redefined traditional practices and reshaped our perceptions. Today, we're not just using technology; we're living it, blending it into every aspect of our daily lives. One of the notable sectors reaping the benefits of these advancements is the office space industry, and it is here that That's My Office is breaking boundaries.



"That's My Office" is a forward-thinking online experince that offers configurable office meeting Pods and Phone booths in immersive 360-degree views and augmented reality (AR). But why is this such a game-changer?

The Dawn of Visual Commerce

Meeting PODS and Booths

Purchasing products, especially larger ones such as office furniture, has traditionally involved a significant amount of imagination. Customers had to extrapolate how an item might look from static two-dimensional images, making it challenging to envisage the item in their own space.

Enter "That's My Office." By offering 360-degree views of their products, they're eliminating this cognitive barrier. Customers can now virtually "walk around" the meeting pods and phone booths, getting a complete picture of how they look from every angle. This added realism significantly aids decision-making by reducing uncertainties and visualizing exactly what you’re purchasing.

Augmented Reality: The Future is Here

Augmented Reality is no longer a concept straight out of a sci-fi movie. It's a tangible technology that's been rapidly integrated into various industries, and office spaces are no exception.

AR technology incorporated by "That's My Office" allows you to superimpose their meeting pods and phone booths into your actual office space. Simply put, it's like 'trying on' furniture before you buy. You can see exactly how the product will fit in your space, how it interacts with existing office décor, and how it might affect the overall functionality of the room. This powerful tool takes the guesswork out of purchasing, ensuring that what you see is truly what you get.

Configuration for CustomisationHish Meeting Rooms PODS and Booths

Every office is unique, just like the businesses that operate within them. Thus, the ability to configure products to meet specific needs and preferences is a significant advantage.

"That's My Office" allows users to adjust and customise their choice of pods and booths, ensuring they meet specific needs before they even arrive at your door. Combined with 360-degree views and AR, customers can interact with the product, adjusting elements until it's the perfect fit for their workspace.

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