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Is there a Link between Great Work and Exercise? - THATSMYOFFICE

Is there a Link between Great Work and Exercise?

Here at Thats My office we believe in a healthy lifestyle for work and downtime.

Whether you play tennis, football, rugby, golf, run or cycle or play a myriad of other sports, "working out" and just getting your heart rate going can help you focus at work.

Because this is important we have "teamed " up with Destination Run coaching based in the South East . 

Destination RUN Coaching, specialises in coaching for running on the road, track and trail, including ultramarathons.  Andy and Brian cater for runners and individuals of all abilities and ages to help them to achieve their running goals, whatever they might be.

They work with schools to improve fitness and confidence in young people, ( Brian has coached our own son James for middle distance running from Year 7  at School and now College)

They were runner's up in the National Schools X Country by 2 points in 2 years.

The runner with 120 below is now an U20 (17 year old) Athlete!

Screenshot 2021-08-20 at 20.26.47.png   Wellness and health part of every business 

 2nd in National Championships Destination Run

Destination Run have a corporate sector that caters for businesses who want to improve fitness, well-being and productivity amongst their staff.

You can see more about Brian and Andy Stopher here 

They offer a range of:

  • 1-2-1 coaching
  • Monthly Packages 
  • Business Solutions for your teams

Destination Run are a unique solution


Original on Transparent.png 

Having worked with Destination Run for a number of years, we originally invested in decent office chairs and Height Adjustable desks when we first started, to help us to keep us moving in the office.

At Thats My Office we have a great range of:

Ergonomic seats 

Sit Stand (or height adjustable desks)

Chiro Chairs


So keep fit and healthy and use resources at your disposal, but also invest in quality products, Don't forget a number of branded trainers are a great investment and cost £150 plus, so why would you get your staff, or buy yourself an £80 chair to sit on 6 or 8 hours a day.

With our agreement with klarna you can even pay monthly


Proper Office Chairs


healthy sit stand desks from thats my office furniture



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