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Finding Office Products You Want - THATSMYOFFICE

Finding Office Furniture Desk Products You Want

We realise how difficult it is sometimes, to easily find the office furniture products you want


With numerous names and terms let alone the abbreviations used, it is complex sometimes to find the right product quickly and easily.

Whether you are looking for a lodge locker, tambour, roll-out frame, or simple filing cabinet we have a simple solution to help quickly and easily.

Having spent numerous years (in fairness far too many I care to remember) within the industry, I realised that I had fallen into the same trap and thought everyone knew the terms I use.

When one of my friends wanted some storage next to her desk and I said " Jo, you should have a pedestal" she replied that she didn't want a plant pot stand but something to store some papers and personal bits and bobs. It got me thinking.

Why do we assume everyone knows our office furniture desk products 

and is willing to scroll through menus to find an item they want? How can we make this simpler and more straightforward?

Well, we realised that we need to go back to basics and work out the simple terms:

  • What we realised is that we need to break down the complexity and that we needed to find a way that in 3 clicks someone could (hopefully) find the product they were after.
  • So we broke it down into lots of levels and confused the heck out of ourselves and overthought the solution.
  • Then we started again after a break.
  • We believe most people are after one of three things (or all of them!)
    • Storage       to put stuff in
    • Desk           to work on
    • Seat            to sit on
  • Yes there are lots of other things but it was a starting point to narrow down selections. This was the start of our product finder

Our Product FInder


Want to try it CLICK HERE

We have narrowed down options so that if you are looking for a desk, chair or storage item we can simply narrow the search view.

For example, if you want storage, then the option you get after the type of product is the Range of  Products

The options are:

  • Filing cabinets                                                     Suspension (hanging file) drawers        
  • Filing Cabinets Security                                        Filing Cabinets with extra security or schools doctors who have confidential info
  • Drawer Storage Non-filing cabinet drawers, multi-drawer, card filing and bulk filing 
  • Desk Storage                                                      Storage to use on or next to or under your desk (pedestals)
  • Cupboards                                                          Office cupboards for storage
  • Security Cupboards                                             Double locking secure cupboards 
  • Industrial Lockers                                                Usually found in gyms, warehouses and changing rooms
  • Office Lockers                                                      Premium "nice looking" office small storage often with RFID or keypad locks
  • Sliding Door (shutter) Tambours                           Cupboards with sliding doors for ease of access


We then worked out that we need to allow for searches by size, number of drawers or style.

So we added a third option which is determined by the options above.

We do hope that by creating this solution that it is easier to locate and find products and we would be delighted to hear back from you if you use it and like it, hate it or just feel like letting us know.


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