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Evolution of the Work Space - THATSMYOFFICE

Evolution of the Work Space

We've come a long way!

Or am I just showing my age?

Back in the 80's when I first started work:

  • TCP was something you put on an insect bite rather than an IP protocol.
  • Computers were rare and a Mac kept you dry when it rained
  • Apple was a fruit
  • Twitter was something birds did
  • Modems squawked and screeched
  • Mobile Phones were the size of car batteries
  • Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook didn't exist
  • Amazon was still a huge Rainforest

Printers were dot matrix and hard-wired to a processor and businesses still had fax machines!

We've moved on significantly since then, but strangely desks remained pretty much the same where desktop colour choices were limited and often Beech or Dark Walnut with panel legs.

With the advent of personal computers from both Apple Macintosh and Compaq in 1984, word processors and spreadsheets functionality that was available meant typewriters were redundant.

Microsoft launched  Windows 1.0 in 1985 and the pace of change was on.  Printers became wireless, Adobe pdf was launched which made fax machines obsolete. Desktop computers were developed and from there, the evolution started and everything started becoming compact, sleek, and minimal. 

Hard wired offices became wifi enabled and multiple screens and devices attached to laptops and desktop machines meant more sockets and power to desks.

With the development of desk computing, the internet exploded with online purchasing becoming the norm.

Storage of paper would become a thing of the past as microfiche would allow for thousands of files to be held.

Filing moved from cabinets to personal spaces, desk storage and shared cupboards.


In the 1980's Desks were limited in choice and style

Office of the 80's

In the 1990's the choice was still limited but storage was improving but the storage was predominantly grey or black


In the 2000's Offices were becoming lighter and colour was being added

Desks were lighter and chairs started adding colour 


By the 2010's a softer approach to materials and design of open-plan offices with break-out areas was becoming the norm.


Move onto 2020's and post-pandemic working. Airflow and social distancing availability are important along with the psychological and physical well-being of colleagues

Individual company design is important with the availability to have custom furniture and designs to help inspire colleagues and provide an area of respite and rest during the day and social spaces will continue to grow.

Where the products come from and the level of sustainability is becoming more important, with the impact on global supply chains knowing where products come from is being questioned more and more.

Shared office spaces are becoming the norm with desk sharing popular (especially the height adjustable ones to allow staff to work at a height to suit them) resulting in more personal space storage becoming important. 

Investing in quality chairs to ensure a comfortable seating position, especially with adjustment when colleagues are sharing.

Having the opportunity to have a logo or image on a cabinet is available now on our NEW range






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