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Do you know your filing cabinets? - THATSMYOFFICE

Do you know your filing cabinets?

Filing Cabinets come in various shapes and sizes and are useful storage solutions for Homes and Offices.

Back in the late 90s, it was assumed filing cabinets would be surplus to requirements, but the opposite seems to have occurred.

We still have important documents and files and filing cabinets have become useful accessories to store everyday files.

Before you decide on the look of your office or workplace at home, take time to review or audit your current requirements. Whilst this may sound a little excessive:

  • How many drawers do you need?
  • Do you use suspension hanging files?
  • Are these foolscaps or A4?
  • Do you use Lever arch folders or boxes?

The main types of Filing cabinets are:

  • Metal 2, 3 or 4 Drawer Filing cabinets available in fantastic colours and locking with front to back filing  SEE RANGE
  • Wooden 2,3 or 4 Drawer Filing cabinets (usually an MDF with laminate cover) in wood grain effect finish also locking with front to back filing  SEE RANGE
  • Foolscap sizes are usually 62cm deep (back to front) and 47cm wide 
  • A4 (which is smaller) is usually 62cm Deep and 41cm Wide.
  • Side Filers (do exactly that, file side to side across the drawer width and they are usually 80 or 100cm wide and around 50 cm deep.  SEE RANGE
  • Under Desk Filing or pedestals for small items and filing, these are usually 30cm or 42cm Wide and fit under a desk. SEE RANGE

A filing cabinet does not have to be boring and hidden in an unseen corner of your office. 

You can make a real feature of the filing cabinet you choose.


 Office Filing  Filing Cabinets Blue at Home


If you are choosing a cabinet made of steel, there is so much more choice of colours these days that you can coordinate with your office décor and they can look great!

We have a Fantastic Range of colours available.

They don’t have to be confined to the office either.  They can be a great feature of any room!

From bright pink to electric blue to rich cream, there are lots of colours to choose from.

Colourful filing cabinets


Choose from 2,3 drawers through to 4 drawers depending on the space you have and how much filing capacity you need. 

With Clever Solutions like the picture below you can even have one filing drawer and 3 storage drawers   CLICK HERE TO SEE  

Differnt FIling Cabinets

They can be desk supporting or freestanding and are usually designed for suspension filing but can be adapted for storing other things, like box files, with the use of a clever accessory that reinforces the base of the drawers.

Check out also our range of side filers.  These are filing cabinets that come in a wider width so you can file even more and you can file A4 or foolscap size material.

If you prefer wood, check out our range of wooden filing cabinets 


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