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Desk Colours - what's popular? - THATSMYOFFICE

Desk Colours - what's popular?

Thats My Office Furniture Most Popular Desk Colours

Clearly when buying a desk, personal choice is important, which is why we have a range of desk colours to choose from.

Our partners have a vast range of stock desks, and the most common colours are:

  • White Desks
  • Black Desks
  • Maple Desks
  • Beech Desks
  • Oak Desks
  • Grey Oak Desks
  • Walnut Desks


White is by far the most common colour for offices and the business environment. The reason is pretty simple as white is a neutral colour and merges with most office interior designs and pairs well with other brighter colours. White is light and reflects light making it suitable for busy offices. Contrasting a white desk with a grey or black chair provides the ultimate look. However, adding a dash of colour with chairs and screens can help in zoning your office space.

Desk Area





Over the last two years, darker colours and natural wood tones along with black desks are the most popular colour choice for home offices as the darker hue blends into home environments and darker hues are popular with home interiors, including mahogany, walnut, and even teak. Ironically enough, home desks are available with a choice of leg colours, usually white, silver or black, but some companies have fabulous solutions with:

Colour Hairpin legs

Raw Steel finishes  

Or even contrasting panels 

Remember most desks are MDF with a laminate finish so difficult to re-paint. However, with a choice of 16 Desk colour choices to choose from, we trust we have colours to suit most needs!

Office desk colours not only affect our attitudes, but they will also have a massive effect on overall efficiency. That's why with more remote and home working it helps to fill your office space with a vivid blend of fascinating colours that boost innovation and productivity.

Remember that the main feature of your home office is your desk. Ensuring you select the right size, is useful, which is why most office desks are 140cm wide and either 70 or 80cm deep, to ensure that your laptop, pc or monitor is a good distance from your eyes. Your desk should complement the rest of your room's décor. Creating a "zone for working is important to ensure you differentiate between home and work life.

A number of offices have hybrid working environments with break out areas and dedicated and shared desk working.


Colour Psychology is an area of interest for us all

 In simple terms, colour psychology has become a popular area that is linked to the theory that assigns emotional and psychological connotations between colours and emotions.

Many of these meanings are universal because they have an effect on the brain but some are only cultural. 

Whether you like a colour frequently depends on childhood memories and your association between colours and feelings. 

Sometimes a hue can have many connotations for you. For example, you may choose to wear a bright colour one day because:

  • It lifts your mood
  • You are ready to act
  • You are feeling creative
  • You want to make a statement

Taking the logical step, the colours that make you feel energised, happy and content are useful when creating your workplace.


The following colours have been well documented with emotions and a useful if somewhat lighthearted overview:

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