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Personalised office furniture branded or your logo

Can Office Furniture Motivate?

At That's My Office, we don't just provide furniture, we create workspaces that inspire.

Gone are the days of generic desks and utilitarian cabinets. Welcome to the future of office design, where functionality meets bold branding and unmatched personalisation.



We're thrilled to unveil our innovative range of desks and tambour storage cabinets that can be completely customised with your company's logo or brand identity.

Imagine: workstations that reinforce your brand message every single day, cabinets that showcase your company colours with sleek sophistication, and a workspace that exudes professionalism from every corner.



But that's not all! We understand that visualising your dream workspace is crucial. That's why we're proud to offer a unique solution in the UK: configure your branded furniture online in a stunning 360° view.


See how your logo will look on the desk surface, experiment with colour combinations on the cabinets, and design a space that perfectly reflects your company's personality.



Here are just a few of the benefits of branded desks and tambour storage cabinets:

  • Boost Morale and Productivity: Surround your team with a workspace that embodies your company's spirit. A logo or motivational message displayed prominently can inspire creativity and fuel a sense of purpose.
  • Strengthen Brand Identity: Every element of your office contributes to your brand image. Branded furniture ensures your logo and colours are consistently at the forefront, fostering brand recognition and pride.
  • Personalise Shared Spaces: Open-plan offices can sometimes feel impersonal. Branded furniture allows you to claim your space and make a statement to visitors and colleagues alike.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: With our online configurator, you can experiment with endless possibilities. Choose from a variety of desk styles and cabinet sizes, and see your personalized design come to life in a 360° view.

Ready to transform your workspace into a branded masterpiece? Visit That's My Office today and explore our exciting range of customisable desks and tambour storage cabinets. With our unmatched online configuration tool, flawless printing technology, and commitment to quality, we'll help you create a space that's as unique and inspiring as your brand itself.

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