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Augmented Reality Office Furniture Products Thats My Office

Office Furniture in AR (Augmented Reality): A New Reality in Shopping

Thats MY Office: Changing Office Furniture Shopping with AR and 360° Views

Office Furniture in AR (Augmented Reality): A New Reality in Shopping





Welcome to "Thats MY Office," where we're revolutionising the way you shop for office furniture in the UK. We're excited to introduce our cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) and 360-degree viewing technologies, transforming your furniture shopping experience into something truly extraordinary.


Understanding Augmented Reality

Before diving into our product range, let's demystify Augmented Reality. AR is a technology that superimposes computer-generated images onto the real world, enhancing your perception of reality. In the context of shopping, AR allows you to place virtual models of our furniture items in your actual workspace using your mobile or digital device. This means you can see how a chair or desk would look and fit in your office before making a purchase, bridging the gap between virtual and physical shopping.

Immersive Office Furniture: Bringing the Showroom to You with Augmented Reality

A 360-Degree View from Your Device

Alongside AR, our 360-degree view feature allows you to explore every aspect of our office furniture products. From office chairs to sit-stand desks, you can rotate and view them from all angles, ensuring that you know exactly what you're getting. This interactive experience is particularly beneficial for understanding the dimensions and aesthetics of the furniture in relation to your space.

Office Chairs, Desks, and More in Full Detail

Our product range, including office chairs, desks, sit-stand desks, meeting tables, and office storage solutions, is designed to cater to diverse tastes and needs. With numerous colour options and combinations available, you can customise your selections in AR and 360 views to match your office's style and décor. This level of customisation ensures that you're not just buying furniture; you're creating a workspace that truly reflects your personality and professional needs.

Sit-Stand Desks: A Revolution in Ergonomics

Experience the ergonomic benefits of our sit-stand desks in your own space with AR. See for yourself how these desks can transform your working environment, offering flexibility and promoting a healthier workday.

Meeting Tables and Office Storage: Visualise and Plan

Our meeting tables and office storage units are more than functional items; they are pieces of art designed to enhance your workspace. With AR and 360-degree views, you can visualise how these pieces will fit into your meeting rooms or office areas, helping you plan and design a cohesive and productive environment.

The Convenience of Shopping with AR and 360 Views

Our AR and 360-degree viewing technologies make shopping for office furniture an effortless and enjoyable experience. You can explore our entire collection from the comfort of your home or office, ensuring that your choices are well-informed and perfectly suited to your space.

Conclusion: A Futuristic Approach to Office Furniture Shopping

At "Thats MY Office," we're not just selling furniture; we're offering a unique and immersive shopping experience that blends the latest in technology with the best in design. Our use of AR and 360-degree views represents our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Join us in this exciting journey and discover how fun and engaging shopping for office furniture can be!

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