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About Height Adjustable or Sit Stand Desks - THATSMYOFFICE

About Height Adjustable or Sit Stand Desks

Sit Stand and Height Adjustable Desks explained 

We appreciate that it's difficult to decide which height adjustable desk in the UK desk is right for each and every customer so we created this easy to follow guide. There are numerous sites quoting the top 10 and best selling height adjustable desks but having the relevant information is important. 

Height Adjustable Desks come in 3 styles:

  • Manual    You have to lift the desk manually to a height and fix it to that height
  • Hand Crank The desk has a manual crank you turn to get the desk height to change
  • Electric  The desk is plugged into a socket and you press a button for the sit stand desk to rise or lower, some desks have just Up-Down buttons whilst others have memory settings

The budget Height Adjustable and Sit Stand desks have single motors which means they are slightly more jerky when going up and down. and these are designed for a lower budget but perfectly adequate

The mid range and high end height adjustable desks have two motors so that there is an even movement, on corner desks these may have 3 motors.

The cost varies depending on where the products are manufactured, a number are made in the Far East which is cost effective, whilst the European manufactured desks are ,ore expensive with German, Italian or Swedish motors.

Height adjustable and Sit Stand desks are useful for the health benefits (see our blog for details) and usually are adjustable from 60cm to 115cm in height 

The Sit Stand and Height Adjustable desks come in the following sizes and formats.
Height Adjustable Desk Single Frame
Single Frame Sit Stand
Double Height adjustable back to back desk
Double Frame Sit Stand

 Double back to back height adjustable desks are popular in offices but you do have less flexibility in relocating them.

 The options for desk tops are important and the following options are available for sit stand desks:

Height Adjustable Sit Stand Rectangular desk top Rectangular Height Adjustable Desk top


Height Adjustable Sit Stand Rectangular scallop desk topRectangular Height Adjustable Top with scallop cut out for cables or sitting

 Height Adjustable Sit Stand Rectangular desk top with portals Rectangular Height Adjustable Desks top with round portals for cables 


Ergonomic Corner curved sit stand height adjustable deskCurved corner Height Adjustable Desk top with straight ends


Curved ergonomic sit stand desk top with anti slip topCurved corner Height Adjustable Desk top with curved corner


L Shape Corner Sit Stand Height Adjustable straight topL Shape Corner Height Adjustable desks

k Shape ergonomic height adjustable uk desks

K shape Height Adjustable Ergonomic desks


Click on any of the images to view our ranges.

All of our height adjustable desks are configurable at Thats My Office with a range of options including leg colourss in:

  • Sit stand Silver Legs
  • Sit stand Black legs
  • Sit stand White Legs
  • Sit stand raw Steel
  • New for a minimum of 10 desks we can spray the legs in the RAL colour of your choice VIEW MORE

Sit Stand Desk tops are available in a huge range of colours including:

  • White height adjustable desk tops
  • Black height adjustable desk tops
  • Beech height adjustable desk tops
  • Maple height adjustable desk tops
  • Grey Oak height adjustable desk tops
  • Oak height adjustable desk tops
  • Ply edge height adjustable desk tops
  • Blue  height adjustable desk tops
  • Graphite height adjustable desk tops

View our Full Desk Range


Height Adjustable Desk Collection




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